About Us

Mission Statement

We believe anyone from anywhere in the world shall be able to ship to anywhere in the world without having to fill up a shipping container and without geographical and language barriers!


Join our amazing journey to DEMOCRATIZE global trade!

Background & History

We have been providing automated shipping solutions for shippers and transportation providers since 1992. 

We have extensive industry knowledge and we are rating and shipment processing experts.

Currently worldwide logistics infrastructure only benefits large shippers and global logistics giants. Information is always transferred in a serial manner, seldom shared!

We had a eureka moment: We believe that important information should be securely shared, not protected. 

We also believe the fundamentals of BIG DATA are quite simple, we simply need the ability to securely CAPTURE, STORE, PROCESS and PRESENT data

ShippingHub was born!


Join our revolution to transcend and re-align global logistics!

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