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Every enterprise shipper, carrier, 3PL operator and logistics service provider have traveled a long way down a path assuming information is linear. With ShippingHub Product Suite, we have successfully brought ourselves back to the junction point where we can rethink what if information is shared! A totally different thought-process, what is yours!

What is the purpose of a report? It is to help you find answers and make decisions. Why would you need reports when you can get answer to any transportation related queries and reports in minutes? A perfect example of the new thought-process

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ShippingHub Product Suite has garnered rave reviews from seasoned logistics professionals: a lot of ‘Wows’, ‘Revolutionary’, ‘fascinating’, ‘Extraordinary’, ‘Intense’, ‘I have never seen anything like these before’, ‘this will change everything’, ‘You’ve managed to make difficult look easy’.

Smart  Shipper

  • Simplified SmartRFP to immediately save on transportation costs with minimal risk and effort
  • Online Rate-shop to save even more by selecting least cost carrier with always up-to-date rates
  • Shipper’s Business Rules: internal Standard Shipping Procedure as requirements for (TMS)
  • Automated Shipping solutions to transform shipping departments into information gathering sources with every user accountable for all their actions, e.g., accuracy of information and selecting least cost mode of transportation
  • SmartPay to share carrier invoice data and simplified Carrier Audit and Payment process
  • Answer any transportation related queries in 5 minutes or less and securely share shipment data with ShippingHub Control Tower for authorized internal and external users, e.g., clients and carriers

Smart  Carrier

  • Simplified Client Payment Processing to reduce days-sales-outstanding
  • Business Development; Enjoy ‘unfair’ First-to-Market competitive advantage and leapfrog global giants in terms of solution capabilities 
  • Standard Shipping Procedure, i.e. your own Carrier Business Rules
  • Client shipment processing; choose best fit automated shipping solutions from Server-based SmartShip, OnlineEntry and SmartEntry templates
  • In-house shipment processing; Process shipment with speed and accuracy, minimal number of keystrokes and user-configurable entry screens, includes multiple high-volume shipment processing options
  • SmartPay – Simplified Carrier Audit and Payment processing with purpose-built ShippingHub Control Tower template to securely share shipment data with clients
  • Business intelligence based on transportation data and securely share shipment data with authorized internal and external users
  • Utilize NAC – Natural Area Code & ShippingHub GEO View to display multiple layers of summarized shipment data directly from Excel workbooks, on a MAP!

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