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A not-for-profit ShippingHub Global pilot project to implement ShippingHub SmartCommunity to transform Sioux Lookout into a supply and trade hub for rural and remote First Nation communities in Northern Ontario
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What is Trade? Trade is the finance and movement of goods. If we do not improve Supply Chain Execution for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and also middle- and low-income countries around the world, we will NEVER really improve trade!
We believe anyone from anywhere in the world shall be able to ship to anywhere in the world without having to fill up a shipping container and without geographical and language barriers
We also believe we can assist to build National Information Infrastructure for emerging, developing and low-income countries
Currently worldwide logistics infrastructure only benefits BIG Shippers and Big Logistics companies. Information is always transfer in a serial manner, never shared! ShippingHub is ready to ‘democratize’ global trade
Our mission is to improve global trade by removing barriers for exporters around the world
Our world has a big problem! A BIG logistical problem, a fact supported by World Bank’s 2012 ‘Connecting to Compete’ report, which ranked countries by LPI – Logistics Performance Index. It is time for Shippers and countries to implement logistics strategies to save costs and improve logistic efficiency in order to compete. Did you know that world food production actually out-paced population growth in the last five decades? We can actually feed and save millions of lives and reduce poverty by improving logistic efficiency for middle- and low-income countries
Every human intervention to a process has to add value, most repetitive actions can be automated, with some ‘if’ statements
How do you manage a cooperative with 30,000+ farmers without automation? But how do you automate when there are no addresses and communication infrastructure? ShippingHub has overcome these high hurdles!
Software application design philosophy: End-to-end design to ensure every stakeholder wins with “No-fixed input with no-fixed output”. Focus on solution, not the mighty dollar
Anything you see in a room has been shipped multiple times, from raw material to the finished products you currently enjoyed
We believe the Internet age has widen the wealth gap between individuals, companies, and countries. Our goal is to provide automate logistics solutions to low-income countries where they may never automate on their own!
We often remind ourselves that we have the ultimate motivation in life, knowing that we have the chance, and more importantly the tools, to positively impact life of billions; to address the world and provide logistics automation tools to improve global trade, in turns reduce poverty and hunger
Our challenge remains; few business leaders, potential investors and government officials appreciate the impact of efficient transport of goods.
Shipping is not just a cost of doing business, it is an integral part of your supply chain execution
ShippingHub Global pilot project to implement ShippingHub National Logistics Strategy to transform the entire Jamaica island into a logistics hub; connect all stakeholders with data, not just by name! Why would you want global giants to control your future transportation costs, the main barrier to global trade? We have to protect and empower local logistics service providers with proven technologies.
Why do people afraid to share shipment information to simplify supply chain execution?
Keep physical product and information flow in-sync.
What if the last car of every subway and commuter train only contain cargo?
It is obvious that with scheduled deliveries and a shipment information infrastructure to share data among stakeholders will allow shipment consolidations to drastically reduce transportation costs

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